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Simplify My Communications is

Your Trusted Advisor for Cloud Telephone Systems with

customer-centric features.

Simple. Reliable. Dramatic Savings.


Phone Systems. SD-WAN. Security.

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We'll save you money while increasing your customer loyalty.


How do your customers want to converse?

Voice, Chat, Text, Email, Web, Fax?

Give them the choice with Contact Center technology.


Then reap the rewards. 

Summary after summary has proven that delivering great customer service results in a strategic competitive advantage.

Who We Are

Telecom industry experts who are

unbiased consultants.

3 of the most experienced telephone system and contact center experts in the country have banded together with one goal: to simplify your communications and make it easy and affordable to get the tools you need.

Our Mission

To help you do what you're good at...

only better. 

We give you the fastest and easiest way to choose from multiple best of class communications vendors and

features. We do the research and complete the bid process, so you can stay focused on what you do best.


We understand all of the products, carriers, and service providers,

We know what will work best for your business. We leverage our relationships and industry experience to identify the best solution so you get exactly what you need and are positioned for success and growth.

Who are we
How it works

How we simplify your process


Get advice now

Many technology advisors push specific brands and products to maximize their own profit.

Simplify My Communications does the opposite. We have access to hundreds of vendors, and our only goal is to find and recommend the ideal one for you. We're expert tech consultants who never charge a consulting fee.

Get going fast

Choosing the right communications system often takes weeks or months of research, plus enduring lots of meetings and high-pressure sales pitches. Forget all that. With Simplify My Communications, one call cuts to the chase. We identify the 3 top vendors and quotes — fast. Plus, we never share your information, so you'll never be hassled by salespeople begging for business.

Your Trusted Advisor for Cloud Solutions (4:35)
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John Shelan — VP of Customer Satisfaction
Rocket Lawyer

"Compared to Avaya or Nortel, RingCentral is much more affordable for us. We did the math and found that we’re saving about 50 to 60 percent annually compared to a hardware-based phone system."


And many more

best in class


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To connect with one of our experts for free advice and a quick quote, just tell us who you are.*

*Rest assured, we'll NEVER share your information with anyone else.

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