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Transform the way you do Business


 Network Solutions for Growing Enterprises

We partnered with Windstream Enterprise because they simplify network complexity with easy to use turn-key solutions like SD-WAN, UCaaS and Managed Security along with other solutions.

Why UCaaS - Unified Communications as a Service?

Cloud Communications for a new world of business

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Transform the way you do business by lowering IT and administrative costs, unifying all employees and sites, enabling employee mobility and ensuring business continuity.


OfficeSuite UC® is an award-winning Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform that combines business calls, faxes, messages and meetings in the cloud with unparalleled security. OfficeSuite UC offers a simple pay-as-you-go model with no heavy upfront investment that is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses all the way to enterprises of up to 20,000 users.


One unified communications solution that meets all your needs

  • Unify all employees and sites within a single, centrally managed system

  • Runs on the network of your choice (Windstream Enterprise or another provider)

  • Enables anytime, anywhere access from any device Encrypts all calls, chats, messages and meetings and does not store data on the phone itself

  • Reduces travel costs with OfficeSuite HD Meeting video conferencing Integrates with popular 3rd party applications via our standards-based API

  • Offers a single pane of glass approach for admin management and end-user feature management

  • Reduces reliance on help desk support




Windstream Console

The Industry Leading Dynamic Dashboard


Key Features & Benefits

Unify All Employees and Sites

  • Leverage a single system for your entire organization

  • Maximize IT resources while eliminating expensive on-premises equipment

  • Administer changes easily for every employee and location from a single online portal

  • Leverage features and extension dialing across all locations

  • Search and click-to-call colleagues within a single online directory

  • Avoid the need for multiple user names and passwords with single sign-on.


 Let Business Take Place Everywhere

  • Increase productivity by enabling employees to work from anywhere

  • Get business calls, faxes and emails on any device

  • Meet face-to-face and collaborate on any project in real-time via video conference

  • Access and manage everything you need securely online from anywhere


Avoid Disasters and Ensure Business Continuity

  • Secure everything in the cloud, not on the phone itself

  • Reroute calls, set emergency overrides and access all communications features even if your physical location is unable to open

  • Quickly and easily manage any feature or setting remotely

  • Use any device to make calls, check voicemail, fax, chat or video conference

  • Meet face-to-face and collaborate with clients in real time from anywhere

Managed SD-WAN

Transform your network and your customer experience Introducing SD-WAN Concierge™ - a managed service to deliver maximum uptime, optimize application performance, enhance security, simplify network management and lower your total cost of ownership.

Your all-in-one cloud communications, collaboration and contact center service

Proactive Management: Fully Managed services eliminates complexity, maximizes ROI

Visibility & Control: Monitor app performance and create and modify business policies to achieve objectives

Optimize Cloud-Based Apps: Prioritize critical apps and virtually eliminate downtime for superior Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX) and performance

Highly Secure: Unified Threat Management and PCI/DSS compliance


*Windstream Enterprise is a registered trademark of Windstream Services, LLC. Other third-party marks referenced herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

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