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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I get to keep my phone number?
    Yes. When you move to a cloud-based phone system, you can transfer your existing numbers from your old system. This is often called LNP, or local number portability. That means there is no need to update all your business cards or ask your customers to learn a new phone number.
  • Do I need special equipment?
    No, you do not need any special phone system hardware to use a cloud phone system. It is recommended that you get IP phones that are fully supported by cloud services. With these phones, getting started is as simple as “plug-and-ring.”
  • How reliable is the cloud?
    Cloud solutions are extremely reliable and offer redundancy that is not available with non-cloud solutions. For example, if you experience a snow storm, a hurricane, or an earthquake, and your office is damaged because of flooding or just shut down due to snow, your cloud–based phone system will not be impacted since it is not located in your physical office location. You can simply log in from anywhere and reroute your customer’s calls to employees working anywhere.
  • What if my internet goes down?
    With most cloud providers, even if your home or office internet goes down, you can use your smartphone to access your system and re-route calls. Basically you carry your backup plan—your trusty cell phone—in your purse or pocket.
  • Can the Cloud meet the changing needs of my business?
    Yes, that is the beauty of cloud-based solutions. They can grow and contract based on the needs of your business. Are you adding new employees? No problem. Do you need to add a new office? No problem: you add an office with the click of your mouse and never have to buy another PBX hardware box. Changing your business hours to take advantage of a busy season? That’s OK; it’s easy to update. Your service can change as your business changes, without the risk of losing investments made in PBX hardware or long-term contracts.
  • Will the cloud-based service become obsolete when the next big "tech thing" comes along?"
    No. This is the power of cloud-based technology. Not only are cloud companies the leaders in technology innovation, but they never have to manage multiple versions of a product, and all technology changes go live instantly to all customers using the cloud service. For customers, this means that they automatically experience the most advanced and current version of cloud technology without having to do anything. And cloud services benefit from seamless feature updates because there is no hardware or software to upgrade. You’ll get the latest features as they become available.
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