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Digital Transformation and the IoT

There continues to be a lot of talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Transformation. What do those terms mean and how do can you benefit?

Leveraging the Internet to Improve Processes

Internet of Things are devices connected together. These devices can be sensors, smart phones, wearables, or anything that can share data with other devices. IoT is the process of connecting these devices to an automated system. This system will gather information from the devices, analyze it, and create an action to help someone or something with a task. A great example is a sensor in a restaurant. If the sensor reads a high heat level then the automated system will automatically reach out and contact the appropriate contacts about a possible fire. The fire department and restaurant managers can be notified, the video surveillance system can view the area, and a sprinkler system could be activated. An even more basic example is calling into your bank. An automated teller answers and lets you access your account via voice commands. Both of these are examples of IoT.

Digital Transformation Process

Digital transformation is the fun part, it is the process of thinking what we want to automate. What changes do we want to make in our processes, culture, and the experience our customers have when doing business with us. Change is inevitable and comes quicker in today’s fast paced world. Mapping out and executing a plan to automate where automation makes sense is digital transformation. IoT only works if the steps are well planned, so the two need to work hand in hand.

Contact us to get more details and strategize ways your organization can leverage the internet of things in your business to drive productivity and provide a better customer experience.

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