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Multiple locations made easy.

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One unified phone system.


Better communication and collaboration.

Higher employee productivity, stellar customer service,

and a healthier bottom line. 

Centralize IT Resources

Ease of Maintenance and fewer IT Resources Required


Your IT resource requirements are far less complicated with a Cloud-based phone system. Moves, Adds, Changes are a breeze and can be managed from a single location. Plus, new features are automatically updated, so there is no need to send staff on site to update or troubleshoot the system.

Cut Costs

Dramatic savings due to economies of


Cloud-based systems are less expensive than traditional solutions. Dial tone will be centralized eliminating the need to have circuits at each location. No more expensive cabinets at each location carrying maintenance and software assurance charges. No more expensive contracts at each location to manage.

True Unified Communications

Policy Control and centralized management of all communications

You’ll benefit from synergies of a true unified approach, including integration with voice, video and chat applications. All offices will work the same way, be programmed the same way, and will/can be centrally managed. There will be consistent functionality across the locations with auto attendants, voice mail, and even one platform for WebEx GoToMeeting functionality.

Streamline Phone-line Management

Eliminate the need for costly trunk lines, PRIs, or bonded T1's


With the Cloud you no longer need to have dedicated telco lines and you can streamline phone line management over the internet and provide your employees with one corporate telephone number.

Who are we

Cloud convenience. In every location.


Stop paying for what you don't need.

The cost and complexity of maintaining a conventional phone system on-site can present major challenges. These include large investments in PBX (public branch exchange) telephone systems at each site, as well as the cost of maintaining these systems (IT resources, maintenance agreements, etc.)  

Win with the Cloud.

When you move the PBX functionality out of the building and into the cloud, mobile workers have direct access to the same phone system used by on-site workers. They enjoy the same business desk phone features—such as extension-dialing and direct voicemail access— just as if they were in the office. Plus, your IT team will enjoy the ability to manage the entire system from one location, which translates into significant time and cost savings for your business.

Powerful Functionality

Small offices or the corporate location can have the same powerful functionality that cloud telephone systems enjoy. Now the two phone office can have all the mobility features,  dekstop functions, and even contact center functionality that them main office has..


Contact center agents can easily be geographically dispersed offering huge economies of scale. Resources can be shared, (i.e. the Denver office can answer for Colorado Springs if necessary. This is very handy for small offices that need lunch coverage, etc.


But more importantly it's very effective for disaster recovery. When Miami is evacuating due to a hurricane, calls will instantly be re-routed to Kansas.

Start saving now.

For a 20-person business, you can save approximately $10,000 up front on the cost of a traditional PBX, and thousands more annually because of no maintenance and lower monthly bills. 

How it works

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Need more information?

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