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The Advantages of Using Wireless as Your Internet Failover

Today’s businesses demand reliable, continuous Internet connections for day-to-day operations with cloud-based applications and enterprise communications. Since no connection can deliver 100% network uptime, it’s not a matter of if your network will experience downtime, but rather how to minimize network downtime.

4G LTE Failover-as-a-Service Technology (FaaST) offers cellular business continuity that is affordable and easy to deploy.

FaaST Internet back-up automatically switches over to wireless 4G LTE to keep your business connected. Cellular failover ensures a completely diverse path that can not be cut or damaged.

Solution highlights include:

  • Automatic failover protection from Tier 1 Carriers

  • No on site action required

  • Maintains network availability

  • No additional hardware or programming required

  • Continuous access access to cloud based applications

  • Alarms and reporting for each failover instance

How does failover-as-a-Service Technology work? 4G LTE FaaST Failover automatically provides your business with the continuous connection you need to conduct business efficiently and effectively. In the event of a service outage, A FaaST Failover solution instantly detects loss of uptime and automatically fails over to your 4G wireless network.

Any systems connected to the network continue to operate at 4G LTE wireless speeds, keeping your business running and your customers happy. When the primary network is restored, FaaST will then fail back to the primary network once it confirmed secure. All this, with absolutely no effort required by your on-site personnel.

The Impact of Internet Downtime

No access to cloud-based applications

Unable to process point-of-sale transactions

Immediate loss of revenue and productivity

Inability to update real-time data

Threat to online security systems

Affects customer loyalty and brand reputation

Interrupts critical data back-up processes

Affordable Solution

The average cost of Internet downtime for a small to medium businesses is $8,580 to $74,000 per hour! Failover-as-a-Service protects against those high financial risks, starting at $69.95.

NO CAPEX options with bundled pricing

No carrier contracts

Contact us to get more details and any pricing questions answered

Request a quote or give us call at 713.910.1401 to speak with a Technology Advisor to explore available solutions and begin leveraging new technologies today that will improve your communications


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