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Making a Difference with Curbside Pickup

According to research conducted by Open Table, in the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, restaurant traffic declined by nearly 48% by mid-March. To respond to this major revenue decline, many restaurants have implemented and/or reinforced their Curbside Pickup business.

Curbside pickup offers several benefits, mainly the fact that you would be protecting customers who are unable to come inside your stores, as well as your employees, who are still working. But also, you are maintaining your ability to stay open and serve your community who are facing unprecedented changes to daily life. However, most restaurants are likely not aware of a superior process that is available to make Curbside Pickup a strategic and competitive advantage.

These are some of the advantages of this advanced curbside pickup process

• Will substantially reduce your current curbside pickup cost

• Substantially increase curbside revenues.

• Make your customers happier and safer during the Covid-19 and in the long term as a competitive advantage.

• Maximize your employees efficiency and productivity.

• Dramatically reduce your customer’s wait time

• Keep your employees working.

• Protect your employees and customer as it limits the time of customer contact.

• Contactless Ordering and Payment.

• Advanced notifications for both the restaurant staff and customer of order and pickup status.

• Build your Customer Loyalty with this strategic solution

Your curbside pickup process can expand by providing a contactless pickup option, outside of store, that is safe and convenient for both customers and store associates. Furthering the service everywhere vision of getting the customer the product the way they want it, however they want it, as fast as they want it.

You can implement this technology as far as you want, offerings from the simple to the sophisticated. You can also start with simple and move up as you understand the advantages.

1.0 Out of Box

Customers can call or text upon arrival for immediate service

• Upon arrival Customer calls or SMS/text pre-defined number “I’m here!”

• Calls are automatically queued to multiple employees designated as curbside pick-up

• Reports are provided to track levels of service

2.0 Enhanced Solution

Add smartphones or devices

• Provide App to enabled handheld (smartphone) for a more seamless transaction across the platform connecting the first available Store Associate

• Dynamically shows management visibility to Customer Support either on-site or remotely

3.0 Digital/Social Media Full Expression

Social Media integration response via all Channels

• Call Center functionality in the store provides two-way communication to social media channels for both order assistance and pick-up

4.0 Full Integration with RMS/POS system(s)

Links telephone calls to POS/RMS via an API (Applications Programming Interface)

• Enhanced Customer Loyalty Program

• Surveys

• Mobile App

• Contactless Payment

• Own your customer database

• Pop Up of Customer History on POS screen when phone call rings

In summary, this advanced curbside pickup process will:

• Substantially reduce your cost

• Increase your curbside revenue

• Improve Customer Satisfaction

• Give you a strategic competitive advantage

At Simplify My Communications, we are Technology Advisors that have relationships with world-leading suppliers. These suppliers deliver solutions that:

• Reduce Costs

• Increase Revenues

• Improve Customer Loyalty

• Provide Technology that is Adaptive, Nimble and Resilient

• Increase employee productivity (Work-at-Home, Collaboration, etc.)

• Maximize your restaurant staff to deliver superior customer service in multiple ways that address the new generation of customer’s demands and preferences.

We can help guide you to the best suppliers that fit your requirements and identify ways to improve your Restaurant’s bottom line, increase customer loyalty and develop a nimbler and more adaptive restaurant that addresses the changing restaurant environment including unanticipated disruptions.

Request a quote or give us call at 713.910.1401 to speak with a Technology Advisor to explore available technology solutions that will improve your customer experience and enhance the way your restaurant communicates and manages your telecom expenses. We charge no fee for our services. For more information click here to download our Guide for the Restaurant Industry today!

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