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Telecom experts launch company to simplify business communications

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Businesses get technologies for success and growth at low-cost with no risk

Houston, TX — Three of the most experienced business phone system and contact center experts in the country have launched a new technology advisory company called Simplify My Communications. As the name implies, the company has one primary goal: to simplify business communications systems for its clients.

Alan Robbins, Richard Bryer and Steve Jennings formed Simplify My Communications to make it easier and more affordable for any business to acquire advanced tools for “frictionless” communication, both internally with staff, mobile personnel, remote users and externally with customers. The company offers Cloud-based Telephone Systems and Contact Centers that unify the full range of communications technologies that customers demand, including phone, web, email, chat, text and more.

“There are hundreds of communications vendors and features available these days, and it’s time-consuming and risky to evaluate them all yourself,” said Alan Robbins, Simplify My Communications co-founding partner. “We offer a faster, easier and more cost-effective way to find the best-in-class communications vendors and the exact features you need. We do the research and handle the bid process, so you can stay focused on what you do best,” Robbins said.

Many technology advisors push specific brands and products to maximize their own profit. Simplify My Communications takes an agnostic or different approach. With access to myriads of vendors, their goal is to find and recommend optimum solutions based solely on each client company’s needs and budget.

“We help our clients get more capabilities at a lower cost, and we make sure they have the necessary flexibility as they grow and change. Clients are surprised by how fast and easy we make it to find the perfect cloud telephone system and/or contact center. Our consulting services come with no obligation and no restrictive contracts. Clients think of us as the expert tech consultants who never charge a consulting fee. We understand all of the products, carriers, and service providers so our clients don’t have to ” said Richard Bryer, co-founding partner of Simplify My Communications. Both Robbins and Bryer are based in the company’s Houston, TX, office.

“Today's customers have several ways they prefer to engage or communicate. We make sure our recommendations match how your customer's or prospects prefer to engage with your organization. (phone, web, e-mail, text, or chat). This makes for happier customers and a better customer experience,” said Steve Jennings, co-founding partner of Simplify My Communications, who heads the company’s Denver, CO, office.

Simplify My Communications offers the latest and most advanced solutions, including Ring Central, Mitel, , AT&T Business, Five 9, 8x8, Nice in Contact, Talkdesk, Intelipeer, Comcast and many more.

About Simplify My Communications

With decades of combined experience in the telecommunications industry, the technology advisors at Simplify My Communications are committed to providing expert advice to businesses of all sizes to help save money, improve customer loyalty, enhance employee productivity and drive business efficiencies. Simplify My Communications serves companies nationwide from its offices in Houston (Friendswood), TX, and Denver, CO.


Alan Robbins, Partner, Simplify My Communications

(713) 321-2331


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