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Part 4 of 9: Improving Customer Loyalty

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

In this 9-part Blog post series, we'll cover how restaurants can not only survive but thrive in today’s changing environment where dine in is only one revenue stream, while take-out and delivery are becoming increasingly more important.

Send a survey after every take-out order. Get your customers opinion of the quality of food, delivery service (delivery time, package condition, food temperature, personnel professionalism, etc.)

Here are some strategic ways your restaurant can adopt new ways of doing business that will make big difference to customer loyalty:

  • Assign your staff, which you likely had to let go, that are great servers to deliver your take-out. After all, who is better than your own wait staff to build customer loyalty.

  • If you don’t have a branded restaurant app, it's easy to build one very inexpensively, that securely takes food orders, reservations, takes immediate payments, offers promotions and can even deliver a customer satisfaction survey.

  • Have your staff, follow up with phone calls, emails, or messages to your customers proactively, to ensure they are happy or address those that are not.

  • Have your staff review the survey reports that the mobile app or web provides.

  • Communicate frequent reminders regarding promotions, birthday, anniversary, holidays, etc.

  • Send “We missed you” reminder promotions – that recognize you haven’t ordered recently and offer incentives to order take-out.

  • Refer a friend to download the app promotion

  • Offer loyalty rewards for frequent take-out orders

At Simplify My Communications, we are Technology Advisors that have relationships with over 175 world-leading suppliers. These suppliers deliver solutions that:

  • Reduce Costs

  • Increase Revenues

  • Improve Customer Loyalty

  • Provide Technology that is Adaptive, Nimble and Resilient

  • Increase employee productivity (Work-at-Home, Collaboration, etc.)

  • Maximize your restaurant staff to deliver superior customer service in multiple ways that address the new generation of customer’s demands and preferences.

We can help guide you to the best suppliers that fit your requirements with ways to improve your Restaurant’s bottom line, increase customer loyalty and develop a nimbler and more adaptive restaurant that addresses the changing restaurant environment including unanticipated disruptions.

Request a quote or give us call at 713.910.1401 to speak with a Technology Advisor to explore available technology solutions that will improve your customer experience and enhance the way your restaurant communicates and manages your telecom expenses. For more information, click here to download our Guide for the Restaurant Industry today!


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