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Part 2 of 5: How Cloud Phone Systems Uptime leads to more Reliability for SMB's

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

In this 5-part Blog post series, we'll cover how a cloud phone system can help your Small and Medium Business improve revenue, productivity, dramatically reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by providing details about 5 major advantages of moving your phone system to the Cloud.

In part 1 of our 5 part series, we discussed how cloud phone systems help simplify operations and enhance communications for SMB's. Today, in part 2, we're going to get a little technical and discuss how working uptime can be one of the biggest advantages of moving your phone system to the cloud.

Cloud systems are generally rated with 5 9’s of uptime. This means the systems are working 99.999% of the time. In contrast premise-based systems have a wide variance of up times that rely on the power environment in your building to keep the system working. This makes uptimes vary, with the age of the system even being a factor. Financially, from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) perspective, the impact of downtime on your business can be costly as the chart below indicates – the impact of days, hours and revenue lost per year for the various ISP Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees. Accepting a 99% Uptime SLA is far from the same as a 99.999% uptime. Average impact to SMBs is $8,580 per hour, or $751,608 per year.

Cloud phone systems are resilient, highly available systems that are located in multiple data center locations. If there is a disaster or problem with your system you are automatically and immediately connected to a secondary (back-up) system. And, in the event of an internet failure at your office all employee calls will automatically be routed to their smartphones if you so desire. Neither you nor your customers will even be aware that there was a problem. With a premise system both your voice and data will be entirely at risk if a disaster occurs.

Another advantage of cloud-based phone systems, is you don’t have to be in the office to communicate. You can virtually get service anywhere you are, by accessing an internet connection from any device (i.e. computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet). If a potential disaster has impacted your organization, you can send employees out of harm’s way and know they will still have the critical communications they need to perform their work.

Are you’re considering moving to a Cloud Phone System? If you would like to learn more from an Independent Technology Advisor who can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a cloud solution geared around your specific requirements. Please contact us. There is no risk, no obligation and there is no fee.

Request a quote or give us call at 713.910.1401 to speak with a Technology Advisor to explore available Cloud Solutions that will improve your team communications and enhance the way your SMB communicates and manages your telecom expenses. For more information, click here to download our White Paper "Is a Cloud Phone System in your Future? A Guide for Small to Medium Businesses"


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