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Hidden Costs of Phone Hardware Ownership

It's easy to assume that owning an on-premise phone systems is less expensive than a Cloud-based system. But beware of what lies beneath the surface!

What are you buying?

Many business people like the idea of owning their phone hardware. They want their communications tools under their watchful eye, assuming it will be more secure and easier to control. And it must cost less in the long run, right? Sorry, but that's a myth...

What you're getting: hidden costs and risks phone system ownership involves far more than meets the eye. For one, it's a capital expense with up-front costs that are subject to tax deduction and depreciation limits. In addition, there are many hidden costs and hassles that may not come up until after you've made the purchase and used valuable capital to get equipped.

The Cloud alternative: compare that to the lower risk and cost of a Cloud telephone system, which you pay for monthly as a fully deductible operating expense. If you don't like it or need more features, you can upgrade or switch providers quickly and easily.


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