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Advancing Communication Interactions.

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Global Communications SaaS Leader
We choose to partner with Kerauno, because they are focused on advancing communication interactions with powerfully intuitive solutions and deeper engagements.

Unified Communications

Kerauno's Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) delivers a more intuitive, flexible and powerful solution to get the most out of your business communications. Contact Center functionality included.

Intelligent Workflow

Kerauno is designing an innovative workflow platform as a service ( WPaaS) that will advance interaction across disparate business communications systems through predictive intelligence, automated workflows and intuitive process.

Text Engagement

Kerauno Launch is a powerful text engagement platform that delivers real-time, two-way communication to drive greater impact and deeper engagement with fans, employees or communities.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Best in Class Capabilities

User-Driven Interface

Drag & drop functionality, easy-to-understand icons, and an intuitive interface design enable you to become productive from the moment you plug in your phone.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Log into Kerauno 24/7/365 from any browser to retrieve voicemails, change settings, view call reports, and more.

Single Pane of Glass

All of our applications can be managed in a single Kerauno screen. Plus, you can view and access other supported 3rd party applications inside the one Kerauno window, so no more multi-screen context switching.

Analytics & Call Reporting

Get real-time reporting including trunk analytics, call queues, and agent reporting Integration

Take advantage of integration right out of the box, or use the Kerauno API to integrate with your current CRM.

Softphone Support

Compatible with a variety of softphone clients for use on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.


The RESTful API enables you to integrate Kerauno with almost any software, including your own custom-built applications.


Kerauno Presence provides total control over your call environment with interactive dashboards, call routing, and drag & drop functionality.

Visual Call Control & Call Management


Kerauno's incredibly intuitive drag & drop interface allows you to easily view,transfer or direct calls

Chat + Collaboration



Chat+ is Kerauno’s Web Chat, Collaboration and File Sharing tool that enables real-time collaboration via public channels, private channels or Direct Messages.

Seamless Call Center Integration

Kerauno's robust Call Center capability is included as part of the UCaaS service offeringg

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Why Text Engagement Platform?



96% of Americans have smartphones and 97% use

text from Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X and even Baby Boomers.






98% of all texts are read.

Kerauno Launch

The power of text is delivered through its simplicity, directness and ease of use. That’s why Kerauno developed the Launch text engagement platform, which delivers real-time, two-way, mass texting capabilities for direct communication with customers, employees, fans or anyone else your business requires. The platform combines powerful capabilities with an easy-to-use interface. That means it’s easy to get up and running and even easier to maintain.


With Kerauno Launch, you engage faster, with greater impact, all while saving you time and increasing productivity.

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90% of messages are opened within 3 minutes.






Almost 90% of Americans prefer to communicate with businesses and brands via SMS

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* Kerauno is a registered trademark of Kerauno Inc. Other third-party marks referenced herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

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